Mini-Change Cordsets

2P to 6P Cordsets With #16 AWG STOOW Cable 42-45
2P to 6P Receptacles 46-47
3P to 5P Cordsets Cable Types: SOO, #18 PVC, TPE, Automotive, IEC 48-67
6P to 8P Cordsets with #16 AWG STOOW Cable 72-75
6P to 8P Receptacles 76-77
9P to 12P Cordsets With #16 AWG STOOW Cable 78-81
9P to 12P Receptacles 82-83
19P  Cordsets with PUR Cable and Mating Receptacles 84-85
3P & 5P  Attachable Connectors 86-87
2P to 12P Accesores: Closure Caps, Liquid Tight Adapters, 90 Adapters 88-89

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Brad Harrison /Woodhead Products
Are Stocked and Distributed By Gross Automation