Micro & Mini-Change Connectors

QUESTION: Does Daniel Woodhead still offer the Mini-Change Swinger Pushbutton Switch?

Answer: Yes, #55501, 55502, 55503 and 55504 are still available. Contact Customer Service for details.


QUESTION: Are Swinger Pushbuttons available with maintain contact switches?

No, only momentary contact switches are offered.


QUESTION: Do you offer a 4 pole version of the Mini-Change attachable connector?

Yes, #1A4000-34, 1A4002-34 and 1A4006-34 are available. See the "Product News" section on our home page.


QUESTION: How do I mate together two Mini-Change cordsets that both have internal thread couplers?

By using a threaded union: #55-0426 for 2 thru 6 pole A-size connectors, #55-0466 for 6 thru 8 pole B-size and #55-0496 for 9, 10 and 12 pole C-size.


QUESTION: What part numbers can you bring up on E-Cat?

Answer: Most Mini-Change, Single-Key Micro-Change, Dual-Key Micro-Change and Nano-Change connectors (both single-ended and double ended), receptacles and field attachables. At this time, DeviceNet, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet and Multi-Ports are yet yet available via the E-Cat.


QUESTION: From your catalog, it's hard to tell if longer length versions of the Quick-Change are available. Can this be done?

Answer: Definitely! Please contact Customer Service or Technical Support for assistance.


QUESTION: Do your molded connectors carry the CE mark as it applies to the low-voltage directive?

Answer: No. According to the European Commission, because our connectors are considered components, it is not correct for us to apply the CE mark.


QUESTION: Does Daniel Woodhead offer male to male cordset assemblies?

Answer: Only for Sensor - Actuator networks.


QUESTION: Are cordsets available in lengths greater than those shown in your catalog?

Answer: Yes, please contact Customer Service or Technical Support for details.


QUESTION: Does Daniel Woodhead offer "Mil. Spec" connectors?

Answer: No, we do not.


QUESTION: Does Daniel Woodhead offer bulk cable for sale?

Answer: Yes. Several different types are available. The minimum order quantity is 250 ft. Contact Technical Support for details.