Micro-Change Cordsets

Single Keyway M12 Thread D.C. Color Code

3P to 5P Cordset Cable Types: PVC, STOOW, High Flex Pur 94-103
3P/4P/3P Cordset Specialty Types: LED, TPE, Coil-PUR, PUR 104-111
4P to 5P Attachable Connectors 112-115
3P to 5P Receptacles 116-117
3P to 5P Receptacles - Back Panel Mount 118-119
Dual Keyway 1/2"-20 UNF Thread Auto Color Code
2P to 6P Cordset Cable Types: PVC, High Flex PUR, Automotive 120-129
3P to 5P Cordset Specialty Types, Coil-PUR 130-131
3P  Attachable Connectors 132-133
2P to 6P Receptacles 134-135
3P to 5P Receptacles - Back Panel Mount 136-137
360 Shielded Cordsets
3P to 5P Single Keyway M12 Cordsets and Mating Receptacles 138-143
2P to 6P Duel Keyway 1/2" - 20 UNF Cordsets and Mating Receptacles 144-147
Reverse Keyway M12 Thread IEC Color Code
3P to 4P Cordsets with PVC Cable 148-149
3P to 4P Receptacles 150-151
Specialty Products - Single Keyway and Dual Keyway
3P to 5P Splitters 152-161
2P to 6P Accessories: Closure Caps, Mini-Change Adapters 162-163

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